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NEW SCHEDULE FOR NEXT YEAR [26 Apr 2005|07:00pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Dunno what periods it is gonna be in

1. AP American Government and Honours Political Economy (oh dear lord I hooope I have Mamer because um...Mamer is awesome)(and I am 1/8 done with the summer homework)
2. AP Environmental Science (dunno how I got in...but apparently taking the intro course at IVC really does help)
3. AP Art History
4. Contemporary Literature
5. French 3
6. College Algebra (oh dear lord I hope I do not have Hanley)

Possible GPA : 4.5


and if anybody wants to stalk me currently...

1. Speech and Debate - Sloate
2. French 2 - Silberman
3. Open
4. PE : Basketball - Curtis
5. European Literature - Sloate
6. Algebra 2 - Hanley
7. Open
8. MUN : Comparitive Government (yes...I am like one of the 7 who is taking the AP test for that class)

Oh...and Sloate gave birth to her baby...I forgot the name...but it is super cute....

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Eeeep.....chocolate [03 Nov 2004|07:44am]

We are now buried alive in Make-A-Wish chocolate. Oh please save us from this chocolate. It is $1.50 a candy bar, and we have a whole lot. Anyways......PLEASE BUY CHOCOLATE!!!!15 cases of chocolate....which is about 3600 chocolate bars.

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[28 Sep 2004|11:37pm]


free ipod. all you have to do is sign up COMPLETE ONE OFFER and get 5 people to do the same.
its easy. please. do it. thanks :-)
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Apologies [25 Aug 2004|03:59pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

As you all may kind of know, there was a huge drama fest involving me from March until the end of the school year. I have learned that what I did what horribly wrong, and I apologize to all of those who I have hurt and scarred. Though you all may still hate me for what I did, and you all may still drop my name, I am apologizing to the following people:

Aly : I am sorry for everything I have dragged you into.

Alice : I am sorry for everything I have done to you.

Dom : I am especially sorry for lying to one of your best friends and making her feel like crap.

Roseanne : I am really sorry for lying to your face. I am sorry for all the things I had done.

JP : I apologize for what I have done to you and all of your friends.

Robbie : I am so sorry for all the drama I caused for you, and I hope you could forgive me for this.

If there is anybody else who I have not apologized to, please comment.

I have learned not to hold a grudge against you all now. Holding grudges takes up too much time and energy. Time and energy that could be put use to something more productive. Without holding the grudges, I am now able to focus less on the school drama and focus more on my studies.

And I deeply apologize for every unnecessary piece drama I have created for all of you and for making your lives miserable as hell at the end of the school year. I hope you all could forgive me as well.




And this may be my last year in highschool, for I am getting everything thing finished with. Yes, I am planning on graduating early, and going into a Cal State, so you'll see no more of me.


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[13 Jun 2004|01:31am]

My MP3 Player was stolen on June 9th, 2004 (Wednesday) during 3rd Period PE in the locker room. If you have any information about it PLEASE PLEASE tell me! Here's some info about it:
- Nomad Creative Jukebox 40gb MP3 Player
- Has various shiny stickers on it
- Has approx. 1096 mp3s
- My name is displayed in Japanese (ドムちゃん)
- Most songs in it are Japanese songs
- Came in a fuzzy carrying pouch.

I know there really isn't much chance I'll get it back but if you can please help and ask around :) If you find it or know who took it please tell them to give it to Miss. Bush or take it to the front office. Thanks for reading!

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[26 May 2004|09:33pm]

If ever you should decide to go to a thing which is not choir or something related to a dance, if you want, you can check out the piano performance thing during lunch. If it does happen. Check your local listings for times and whatever and if I know it's going to happen, I'll post something about it here later on. *crosses fingers*

Quel horreur...
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The City of Irvine High School Youth Action Team presents... [06 May 2004|08:19am]

Battle Of The Bands

featuring: Ridicule, Putnam Hall, Prizm, Hot Naked Gravy, Tobasco Confessional

Prizm is the winner of the 2004 Orange County Music Awards!

The event is TOMORROW (Friday May 7th) from 7:30 - 11:30 @ Heritage Park Community Center (@ Walnut & Yale in Irvine).

Cost is $5 or $3 w/ 2 canned food items (to be donated to Families Forward).

For more info email the HSYAT or call 949-724-6643.
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[29 Apr 2004|04:29pm]

hey this is my new lj, peeps. just so you know, my name is jp pulles and i am a sophomore at northwood.

most of you know me already.

toodles, see y'all next tuesday.

have a good weekend knowing that i'll be seeing radiohead, beck, etc... at coachella.
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Hi. [23 Apr 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hi. I'm Amy. I'm a Junior. Haha This is interesting. I don't think I know anybody here.

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Look at her [06 Apr 2004|08:23am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Hi! I'm Rachel Wineshanker and I'm new to this community, and I have a few things to say...

Folks, meet Robbie Schneider (robbiewriter). Isn't she lovely? ^_^ When I first heard about Robbie from many people, who DID show me her journal, I didn't like her. I sensed that she was snobby, shallow, self-centered, inconsiderate, and an all-around not so good person.

Let's hear some quotes from Robbie, shall we?

"I wore hot pink fishnets to my interview for Harvard"
First of all, this is stupid. Secondly, it is not punk, which is what Robbie thinks she is. And she wonders why they didn't accept her.

"I will never call you back. If your grandmother dies (read, Jessica) I will still not call you. This does not mean I don't care, or that I won't let you cry on my shoulder at school; I just have a hatred of those dial-y buttons on the phone."
How considerate!

"I can disprove the entire Harry Potter book series if you give me a chance or I am bored enough. This usually happens at debate competitions."
Disprove. To prove false. Well, Harry Potter is a work of fiction, so the only thing she could be disproving is that it was ever written. What a ditz...

She has her own cult, WHO is composed of JP, icenshewolf, Jessica Campbell, my good old friend from elementry school, Rachael Linker, who decided to discard me when I moved away, and burnedxoutxstar. ANybody who has their own cult must be pretty pethetic

And though Robbie might think she is popular, her books and her writing sucks! As I said once and again,


friday i'm in love [05 Apr 2004|07:46pm]

a little thing has struck me mind. what are you doing this spring break? what are your plans? do you have a life or does having no car make you physically incapable of having a car? is your life so bad right now that there will be no point in living the whole break? or are you looking forward to STAR testing? whatever it is, let's make some noise!
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[18 Mar 2004|04:02pm]

okay, so here's where the things get tricky.

apparently, chris read my message about how i was the admin. he logged in and switched the adminship to HIMSELF being the selfish fuck he is. now he deleted his lj account, so that means that no one is able to be an admin anymore. he proceeded to delete this community, but i have brought it back to life!

so chris if you read this... GIVE ME BACK THE FUCKING ADMINSHIP. just because your life is falling apart doesnt mean you need to bring this whole community down with you, too.
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[17 Mar 2004|10:57pm]


Who wants Chris R. kicked off of this community for being an asshat?

Whatever the other people think
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[17 Mar 2004|07:42pm]

CHRIS STOP FUCKING SCREENING THE COMMENTS MADE. just because all of them are talking about you doesn't mean you have to screen them for your privacy or blah shit.

everyone please comment freely, as i will unscreen all the screened comments.

also to kyle and others about the flaming rule: flaming is slightly different than shit talking. flaming is like an argument in a sort of way, that keeps on continuing. shit talking is fine, just as long as flaming doesnt happen via comments.
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[12 Mar 2004|07:03pm]

rule #1: you can talk shit on anyone. yet you cant flame? whats the difference? so I can talk shit about you Chris? or will you get mad and bend the rules and ban me? this community has obsurb rules, not to mention, you dont follow them yourself. you're a piece of shit (which I am allowed to say, rule #1 says so) hypocrite. and for gods sake, take off the god damned baret.

the new model no. 16

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Some major gossip stuff [09 Mar 2004|08:09am]
[ mood | curious ]

  • Somebody got caught smoking weed in the parking lot at school

  • Quite a few people are now not in the tour choir

  • One of the history teachers had a HUGE FIT last thursday after one of the students spilled a bottle of water

  • An English teacher gave one of her students $85 to take an AP Music Theory test

Thats all I know for now. And go see the play tonight.
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More complaining for all you to see and read and pity me on, heh heh [25 Feb 2004|07:36am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Yeah. Guess what? I'm going to complain about the school. Why? Because I can, because I feel like it. Don't you dare bitch at me that I'm complaining. It's YOUR fault that YOU read this. So shut up.

Now let me start out saying FIRST: I hate this school. Why? I hate all the kids that go to it. Well, most. I hate all the preps. I hate all the jocks. I hate all the cheerleaders. I hate the super overly bouncy optimistic people that rub it in everyone's face. I hate the walking STD's, which are most of you. I hate the druggies. I hate.

So you know what, all the people I just listed, please just die okay? I would appreciate it. Why? Because I hate you. If you need help dying then I'll help you all out. I'm sure other NORMAL PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WAIT FOR THE RIGHT PERSON would appreciate it too. So then. That's about 95% of the school or so that should die. Good. I'm glad. Now go hang yourselves.

As for the rest of you (my friends), I love you all and don't die. Because you guys are NORMAL. Thank you very much. I'm done bitching.

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[18 Feb 2004|03:51pm]

i don't mean to go off topic here, but i just created a community dedicated to The Toy Dolls. you can link to my profile to find it there.

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class of 2003, biatch! [11 Feb 2004|05:45pm]

yeah my peeps. cesar chamorro is my nombre. i graduated "northweed" (mr. brenner!!) back in june 2003. i attend this school for only my senior year. thats about it. some good times. hi aly!
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[08 Feb 2004|02:40pm]
Am I the only one who posts on this community frequently?
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